Cardio Activities

Walking - it’s the simplest thing you can do to give your cardio-vascular system a work-out. Here are some tips to get the most out of it:

  • Dress properly. In mild weather, wear several light layers so that as your body warms up from the activity, you can remove a layer. If it’s a chilly day, bring gloves and a hat. You want to be comfortable and enjoy your walk.
  • Wear supportive shoes. Thin-soled, untied, or loose-fitting shoes may result in a twisted ankle or sore arches – not the benefit you are looking for! Wear footwear that is appropriate for the weather - your walk will not be enjoyable with cold or wet feet.
  • Bring a bottle of water. It’s surprising how quickly you may become thirsty even on a short walk.
  • Get your arms moving while you walk. Swing them gently front to back. As an added bonus, it will limber up your shoulder joints and muscles.
  • Walk at a comfortable brisk pace. The quicker the walk, the greater the benefits.
Where to walk?
Walking is the easiest choice when the weather is agreeable, but don’t let a little rain or light snow keep you indoors. Explore your neighborhood or a local park. The sights around you provide a pleasant distraction that will make your 15 minutes fly by.

A companion is also a good idea. Ask your partner, a friend or one of your children to come along with you. Perhaps a neighbor has a dog you like. Offer to take it with you – few dogs resist the opportunity for a walk!

Look at your walk as an enjoyable break in your day - fifteen minutes when there are no chores to do or deadlines to meet. Breathe deeply. Look up at the sky, the trees and the roof tops. Smile. Life gets better when you fit-in 15.

When to walk?

Getting into the activity habit is easiest if you choose a specific time each day to fit-in 15 minutes. If you are a morning person, that might be before you go to work or after the kids are off to school.

Not a morning person? A 15 minute walk on your lunch break will work up an appetite and help your digestion.

Alternatively, if evening is the best time for you, schedule your 15 minutes after dinner and evening chores are completed. The important thing is to decide on the best time for you and try not to allow other things to get in the way. After all, it’s only 15 minutes and it’s for you.

Cardio Activities